Faculty 2017

  • Jean-Yves Esquerre, Artistic Director of the National Ballet Academy, is proud to bring this exclusive Bournonville seminar to Amsterdam. Taught by the heirs of the great 19th century Danish ballet master, this course offers a comprehensive display of the technique that has epitomized for over 150 years the ballet style danced in Denmark.

This faculty, led by ballet icons Dinna Bjørn and Frank Andersen, is formed by a unique team of international teachers comprising Anne-Marie Vessel-Schlüter, Eva Kloborg and Eric Viudes as well as expert Bournonville lecturer, Erik Aschengreen.

  • Jean-Yves Esquerre, Director of the Dutch National Summer School, is happy to gather an amazing team of talents for this 2017 edition of the Two-Week Intensive.
  • Ernst Meisner, Artistic Coordinator of the Junior Company and Associate Director of the Dutch National Summer School has helped establish the international recognition of Dutch National Ballet’s second company. He has choreographed several ballets for the Dutch National Ballet among other international companies and has been commissioned to create a new piece for the 30th anniversary of the National Ballet Academy in July 2017.
  • Nathalie Caris and Olivier Wecxsteen, both teachers from the National Ballet Academy and its Trainee Program are internationally acclaimed pedagogues invited as guest teachers by the greatest schools.
  • Amy Raymond, who teaches improvisation and Forsythe Technologies in many schools, has now joined the faculty of NBA and will create collaborative work for this 2017 edition of DNSS.
  • Christiane Marchant, Senior Ballet Mistress of the Royal Ballet of Flanders collaborates closely with Dutch National Ballet’s resident choreographer David Dawson. She has staged his works several times and will conduct a repertoire class based on the choreographer’s challenging and exhilarating style.